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I love training people keen to learn new skills or enhance faded skills.

Time spent on training is never wasted. It is often too late when you are on the door faced with a lock for which you have no tools or information.

As a specialist in Non Destructive Entry I can assist bona-fide locksmiths or companies with a specialist entry capability to open locks of all types.

I spend hours re-learning and practicing on all types of locks every week to ensure I do not loose my skills.

There are many locksmith training companies out there but they tend to focus on the basic core skills and many people are left wanting to know more.

I can fill the gaps left by other training courses and help you fully understand what you are trying to do with your tools.

I can also renovate and improve your existing tools like pin and cams and other decoders.

I can provide a bespoke training course in the following subjects:

  • Lever lock mechanisms – Identification, picking, decoding and projecting
  • Pin lock mechanisms – Identification, Picking, Decoding, Projecting and bypass techniques
  • Pin lock impressioning – Opening a lock by interpreting marks left by physical contact
  • Bypass -Using specialist tools to defeat locking systems through design flaws
  • Other lock techniques – Combination, disc and wafer locks



locks-training NDE locksmith lock picking bypass


Personal or maximum of two students per session which can be tailored to your unique needs. Formal identification will be necessary for any of the training due to the nature of the content.

The courses are run very informally from my workshop in Worthing or I can come to your premises if required. If you have a specific problem lock and would like it projected please contact me for further information

Full course notes will be provided for reference post course.

At this time I do not provide any training in safe opening or have any plans to do so in the near future.

I have a level 3 Award in Education and Training and currently vetted to SC. I am also DBS checked.

Prices on application.