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Dudley europa grade 3











This is the 3rd dudley europa grade 3 I’ve opened to date for the company. This safe had a Lagard lock securing it and the code had been lost.

I opened the safe and replaced the lock and set it up with the customer.

If you have a lagard lock on your safe please ensure you use good quality batteries. Just because it says its a 9v battery it does not always provide enough current for the lock to open.

SLS Cashguard

SLS safe










This is a SLS Cashguard safe. Staff had reported they were having problems with the key. The key had jammed into the lock and it would not move.

The key was stuck in an original SLS lock. The lock was older than me and had stood the test of time but it had finally worn out. The key was removed and lock sorted.

Safes used day in day out will wear out eventually. Most I see are abused and show signs of failure well before I get called to open. With most things prevention is better than cure. If you find your safe difficult to open,

you rely on one key or its started being unreliable give me a call. I can service safes and recommend solutions if the safe cannot be saved.

SMP Community 3











Had to travel north of the M25 for this one. I went to help a great friend open this SMP Community 3 that was in a shop being taken over by new tenants. The customers had the key so it was just  a matter of decoding the combination.

This SMP safe is a high security Euro grade 3 safe, that means it contains some pretty devious mechanisms and protection to thwart an attack. This is fantastic for the owner of such a safe but a bit of a headache for a safecracker! Still, with detailed information that has taken years to compile even these types of safes don’t cause panic. Careful measurement and precise drilling causes minimum damage to the safe and leaves it in full working order once repaired. A good result, clean opening and the customer was very happy.

Dreadnought floor safe










Here is a Dreadnought floor safe lid, Dreadnought as a company no longer exists and all the tooling, drawings and parts are now owned by Henry Hamber who continues to make high quality safes. The key had snapped in this safe so it wasn’t too much of a drama to sort out. Using medical grade optical devices I first inspected the lock and located the broken key bit. I managed to retrieve the broken bit which did assist in the opening. First of all I picked the lock open but I could not fully retract the bolt. This is where I assume caused the broken key. The bolt was snagging against the inside of the safe neck so I proceeded to make a copy of the original key by hand. This helped get the lid off the safe. The safe lid was stripped down to its individual components and everything was cleaned and lubricated, new lock installed complete with two keys. If you have a floor safe that the keys are sticking or there are any problems opening it give me a call before you get to ‘lock out’ stage. I can strip down and service all types of floor safes and provide new locks and keys.

Christmas safecracker

safecracker-1Happy Christmas!

Got this fantastic little present today. A mini ‘Christmas safecracker’. The safe actually locks on the combination dials.

Hope everyone reading had a great Christmas day and wish you all a prosperous 2013