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Rosengrens RT4











Got called to this Rosengrens RT4 as the key had stopped working. The fault was quickly identified and problem rectified. Safe working as before and a happy customer. A happy safe engineer as opening this would have been a bit of a pain!

securikey safeguard underfloor safe









A Securikey safeguard that has seen better days!

This floor safe lid had been prized up to open it, this of course jammed it solid. The plastic handle was then used to rotate the lid. SNAP. I attended and found a safe lid covered in WD40 and an array of bits of metal that had been used to try and pry open the safe. Please please please if you have a floor safe take a few minutes to examine it, check the screws and bolts are tight. Make sure there are no stones or debris in the collar. If its dodgy call a safe engineer out to service before its a lockout. I don’t know anyone who enjoys working of floor safes, there a pain! A bit of prevention goes a long way as they tend to be solid and well made, the vibrations of daily life do cause bolts to loosen though.

GB Safe opening











Here is a GB Safe. The key had broken off in the lock after years of use. I attended and opened the safe without damage. The lock was replaced and tested, the safe mechanism still working fine.

Nice little light duty safe.

SMP Salopian











Here is an original SMP Salopian.

This is a good little home safe, this one had never been touched since leaving the factory, the SMP sticky tape still covering the lock. The safe had become difficult to operate, this is due to the lubricant over time congealing into a ‘glue’ like substance. If your safe is hard to open it need not be. Unless its a catastrophic hinge failure a service should get the safe back to the same condition as it was when first produced.

I just charge a service call for this, a fixed fee regardless of how long it takes as I really take pride in making sure the safe works as well as it did when it was made.

C H Griffiths safe opened











Another antique safe, a C H Griffiths picked open without any damage to lock or safe. I really like these antique safes as there are no modern fancy tools that are available to open  them. You have to think like a ‘lockpick’ or ‘safebreaker’ to open these and resort to primative tools and techniques. It really helps to keep you grounded in the basics of lock picking opening these types of safes.

If you have an antique safe I can refurbish and make keys to the lock, open and make good most antique safes – I can also advise if the safe has had its day too as there are many alternatives out there now and most of these safes do not have a recognised insurance rating, so if your keeping the family jewels in one it may be time for a new safe!

Dudley europa grade 3











This is the 3rd dudley europa grade 3 I’ve opened to date for the company. This safe had a Lagard lock securing it and the code had been lost.

I opened the safe and replaced the lock and set it up with the customer.

If you have a lagard lock on your safe please ensure you use good quality batteries. Just because it says its a 9v battery it does not always provide enough current for the lock to open.

Chubb Duoguard grade 1 opening

blog end of feb-10









This safe had seen better days. I think Charles Chubb would be pretty dismayed by the quality of modern safes though…

This safe had developed a fault on one of the major points of stress. It is controlled by such a small component I would say that it is designed to fail.

Only my opinion.

Interesting safe to work on but not one that would feature in my top 10 safes.

Stratford Sterling 2314 safe opened

blog end of feb-7










Here is a Stratford Sterling 2314 safe. Now this safe contains a unique lock called a CNAB, made by Rosengrens this is a 6 wheel combination lock with possibly the most confusing opening procedure of all safe locks.

Once I had opened this safe I had to video from the outside and inside just so I could write my own clearer instructions.

It is a fantastic bit of engineering and I’m sure its simple if you use it every day. I’d never seen one until I opened this so was a great learning experience. Another one for the files!

If you have a stratford sterling with a CNAB type lock and the code is lost give me a call, I can open without damage to the lock and set up a new code.

Chubb Rhino safe

blog end of feb-6








This is a Chubb Rhino. It is a small safe that is fitted with both electronic and keylock. The electronic lock is a ilco, keypad not shown in the image. This had been locked up for a long time and even with an external power source the lock would not respond. A small drill hole was required to open this safe as nothing external could be utilised.

Not a lock I come across that often so an interesting opening.

Abcam safe picked open

blog end of feb-5










Here is a ABCAM safe, euro grade 0 so a fairly lightweight safe. It still contains a multi lever lock that requires skill to open without damage. This was picked open under the watchful eye of the gopro camera. I didn’t get stage fright but it did feel like I was being watched throughout the process. Safe opened without any damage to lock or container.