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Robur grade 5

Here is the inner identification from a high security Robur grade 5 safe. There had been issues with the time lock and the customer required new movements installing. Time locks are generally very reliable and faults are normally caused by the operator. Fortunately these safes don’t go wrong that often. If you have a safe equipped with either digital or mechanical time locks I can service and replace movements and complete units. They are not cheap items but provide the owner with another level of security for their safe.

No photos of the outside or inside of this one due to its location!

robur grade 5

Dudley grade 1 safe – lagard 39e lost code

Here is a brand new Dudley grade 1 safe with an electronic Lagard 39e deadlock. The code had been lost and the safe needed opening urgently.

I have studied all versions of the Lagard electronic lock family and am pretty good at diagnosing faults when they occur. This was a simple case of lost code. After checking some obvious codes I had to resort to more invasive techniques. The safe was opened and lock replaced without damage to the safe.

If you have a safe with an electronic lock that is temperamental don’t wait until if fails, cables, keypads and locks can be replaced saving money in the long run.

dudley grade 1 safe

FAS 6890 Lock opened

Here is another FAS 6890 lock opened on a security cabinet. This is a pretty formidable lock, anti pressure device and a few other nasties to keep out the lock picker

The system decodes the lock using tiny parts – you really need to concentrate and have a clean working area when using this tool. Its very satisfying when these open as it does a good job of keeping most engineers out. It was pretty cold where this was located too hence the ‘winter coat’ and gloves


Chubb Duplex safe opening

Here is an old Chubb Duplex safe it is fitted with a single bitted chubb lock. The lock is of a good quality but over time

the curtain and lever bellies can wear. This causes the key to stop working and over time many people make do with just this one key so when it does not open their safe it becomes an emergency.

Prior servicing and having a spare key is a cost effective solution to this problem.

chubb duplex safe

Chubb proguard Grade 3 safe opening

Opened this new style Chubb Euro grade 3 safe – proguard as it is known for a major safe manufacturer and service provider.

It was a long trip for a very quick opening but as usual I went prepared for every eventuality. A methodical approach to the

opening meant I was finished on site within an hour with a new lock programmed to the customers requirements

(the original lock had failed) and even had time for a spot of lunch with a good safe engineer friend.



Happy Christmas – Chubb Trident grade 4


Just to wish all my customers, family friends a very happy Christmas!

2014 has been a challenging year but I’m well on the way to being fixed. The time spent repairing has not been wasted.


Still having treatment and thank you for all the help from Sussex back pain clinic 

They have provided an excellent service and have really helped me get back on track.

Thank you to all my family, friends and the companies I work for for your understanding and sticking with me during this time

2015 is going to be a great year for S O Safe Services and I will be offering more services as I will have more knowledge, equipment and experience.

Hope everyone reading has a good one!

Here is a Chubb Trident Grade 4 safe, fitted in ex bank premises. This safe is fitted with two Mauer 11 lever Variator locks, extremely difficult to pick.

I had to do my homework on this lock and spent considerable time perfecting my picking technique. Paid off.

These locks are great as you can change the key without having to remove the lock from the safe.

It contains 11 levers and you really need to understand how this lock works to be able to open it without keys. This safe would have been extremely difficult to open

by other means due to its location so picking really was the only option. Re-keyed the safe and it is now providing its new owner with a exceptionally high security safe.

Happy Christmas!

SMP Community grade 4












This is a mini beast. A SMP Community grade 4 safe. This had no keys and the code was lost. I opened this safe with an expensive tool designed to open the high security 9 lever key lock and using a highly technical minimally invasive technique I defeated the lagard 66e lock. This is a very high security unit with many anti safecracker features so opening it was an experience. There are only a handful of engineers in the country that would open this safe successfully. If you have one and its locked out email me or give me a call, if I’m not in your area I will be able to give you details of a trusted safe engineer in your area

SLS 3000

blogmay-5This is an sls 3000 safe, difficult to identify whilst shut as all the markings are on the bolts! I had the pleasure of the company of the original owner of SLS safes with me to explain the code system used. Roger is a fascinating man, what he doesn’t know about safes, their construction and the industry is not worth knowing. The last SLS safe I had to open I must admit I cursed Roger as it was an exceptionally hard safe to drill, took 2 days and lots of drill bits to sort out. A very worthy opponent!

Epic Nova safe opened


This Epic Nova safe was fitted with a Lagard 66e safe lock. There was a batch of locks that had a problem, called in the industry as ‘whizz of death’ where the motor disconnects from the part that actually allows you to open the safe. It is a problem for both customer and safe engineer as there is no option other that to drill for a failed lock. This lock was opened with minimal invasive drilling making the repair strong and invisible to an attacker. The repair is actually stronger than the  safes original barrier material so hopefully the lock installed will not fail again!

Chubb Leamington











This is a nice example of a Chubb Leamington. It was built into a wall so there were no other options apart from a door side entry. Fortunately I am equipped to deal with the high security lock fitted to this safe. A design classic of safe locks and still a formidable lock to open. I picked this safe open and replaced the lock making it work exactly as it had been intended.