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About So Safe Services Ltd

I am a local West Sussex  engineer providing a dedicated safe service.

In 2016 I became a qualified Master Locksmith undertaking the British Locksmiths Institutes exam.

Now as a full member of the MLA (membership number 103699) I intend on becoming an approved company member in the new year.

Non destructive safe opening is a skill that takes many years of practice. For a long time I have been fascinated with locks and how to open them.

I started my formal training as a locksmith in Kent working for a long standing Master Locksmith company.

Once I had grasped the fundamentals of bench locksmithing I then graduated to site work. This included installation and opening of locks and safes.

Since then I have opened many safes and locks for private customers and major retailers.

I have undertaken training courses in safe opening and I am trained by most of the major electronic safe lock manufacturers.

To advance my skills I have studied safes, safe locks and worked with other safe engineers all over the country.

Since 2012 I have opened hundreds of safes, many of which were picked or opened without damage. I  have also invested heavily in tools and equipment.

To date I have taken thousands of photos of locks and safes for my files and spent hundreds of hours opening locks in the workshop, making tools and keeping my skills sharp.

I have designed bespoke tools to defeat locks and will continue to do so as new systems arrive onto the market. I co-authored a lock identification book which was designed to help locksmiths recognise

and open the majority of mortice locks currently in use in the United Kingdom.

So Safe Services is a company driven for my passion for all things that lock. If you have a problem safe or lock please do not hesitate to call me.