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Happy Christmas – Chubb Trident grade 4


Just to wish all my customers, family friends a very happy Christmas!

2014 has been a challenging year but I’m well on the way to being fixed. The time spent repairing has not been wasted.


Still having treatment and thank you for all the help from Sussex back pain clinic 

They have provided an excellent service and have really helped me get back on track.

Thank you to all my family, friends and the companies I work for for your understanding and sticking with me during this time

2015 is going to be a great year for S O Safe Services and I will be offering more services as I will have more knowledge, equipment and experience.

Hope everyone reading has a good one!

Here is a Chubb Trident Grade 4 safe, fitted in ex bank premises. This safe is fitted with two Mauer 11 lever Variator locks, extremely difficult to pick.

I had to do my homework on this lock and spent considerable time perfecting my picking technique. Paid off.

These locks are great as you can change the key without having to remove the lock from the safe.

It contains 11 levers and you really need to understand how this lock works to be able to open it without keys. This safe would have been extremely difficult to open

by other means due to its location so picking really was the only option. Re-keyed the safe and it is now providing its new owner with a exceptionally high security safe.

Happy Christmas!