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No updates due to injury

Hi to everyone who stops to read the blog.

Sorry there has been nothing of interest to read or look at for a long while now. I assure you I am still here.

A temporary set back caused by a injury that has put me out of action for longer than anticipated.

Should be booked in for a scan in the next couple of days so I’m hoping that I’ll be back to work shortly.


Thanks to all the customers who have called in the mean time and I hope I helped out as much as I could.

I am still available via email and phone and I can happily recommend a trusted safe engineers all over the country who can assist you while I’m getting better – hopefully not too long now.

During this period I have learnt all about programming of various electronic locks, updated my database and bought new imaging equipment for site work and recording of safes and locks for future reference. The Nikon D600 is a full frame camera and it records extremely high quality images, works really well in low light and is a joy to use. To compliment this I’ve also added a small tough camera that is great just for quick reference shots – and the odd trophy shot – I’ve included a shot taken down at Rustington beach recently on one of my ‘short rehabilitation walks’

Stay tuned, I’ll be back very soon.


Simon – S O Safe Services Ltd

beach view-1