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I’ve got so much stuff to update I just can’t keep up!

This year has been pretty busy so far with one thing or another. Last week gave me a good opportunity to start to catch up on some safe work that I had to put off. I’ve had a fair few successful openings in the past couple of weeks and will be adding them as soon as I can.

This is a Chubb bookroom door that was in a lovely house in the South East. The customer required new keys as they had not been left by the previous owner. I had a great time on this job as there was another safe inside the bookroom that also required attention.

This weekend I’ve opened a few Chubb safes, A SMP Wessex, a Stratford, an Abcam. A Dudley europa, a couple of unbranded cabinets and a few other oldies including a Stratford concord with a Lark lock on it.

Also, this week to keep my hand in I helped out a friend in need by gaining access to their front door (lost keys) and replacing the lock and I also had the pleasure of working on a Chubb 110 on a local premises. I’ve also opened a few cabinets for a local company.

Just prior to this I have undertaken  what is known as PTTLS, or Preparing to teach in the lifelong sector. This is a City and Guilds qualification in teaching. Already I know how useful this will be when instructing future students. All the course work is completed and signed off, another string to the bow.

I’ll be updating shortly

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