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Antique chest











I was called to open an antique chest. The customer had this chest in a outhouse for many years, now moving on he didn’t want to leave the house without seeing what was inside. The lock is handmade, intricate warding protects a very simple sprung loaded mechanism. If required a key can be made by hand but you would need the chest too. This would be a perfect non destructive opening leaving the customer with a working chest, however, the labour involved in making a key to this kind of safe prohibits many people from going ahead. If you have an antique chest or lock that you require keys making to please email me or give me a ring. I would normally work on the lock in my workshop, repairing if necessary where I have all my tools accessible. Its a time consuming job and one mistake can ruin hours of work.

Still, its great to make keys by hand, especially for these old antique heavily warded chests