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Chubb Lichfield









A customer called about a safe that had just stopped working. They had the key but it would only turn so far. They only had one key. The lock contained within this safe is reliable and with the correct tools good to work with. I inspected the key and identified the fault using medical grade optical equipment.  This enabled me to open the safe, quickly without damage. The lock was replaced and the customer was given two new keys. Hopefully the safe will continue to work freely for many years to come.

If you’ve only got one key, don’t leave it to chance, get a spare. The cost of a spare key is negligible compared to the cost of a safe opening.

Chubb safe











Here is a Chubb safe that I serviced this week. The safe had become very difficult to open almost to the point that the safe could not be opened. After a quick look and test of the mechanism I had decided on a plan of attack. The mechanism contained within the safe is pretty complicated. Many parts have to work together just for the handle to turn. These safes are no longer made so sourcing parts is difficult and expensive. Fortunately no part appeared too worn or broken, just a case of no attention for the past 30-40 years had taken its toll. From being jammed almost solid to being able to open with one finger with just some time and attention to all the working parts. Every single component of the mechanism was removed, cleaned and re-lubricated if necessary. Once back into the door all the bolts were cleaned up and the mechanism thoroughly tested before handing back to the customer.

A fantastic safe, very high quality and superb protection against forced attack. If you have a Chubb safe with a tri spoked handle or something that looks similar and your down to your last key or its difficult to open / close give me a call. A service or replacement keys will be much cheaper than a full opening on one of these units.