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antique safe












This is an old antique safe that I recently picked open

The customer was renting the premises and wanted it removed but  was unsure of its contents. I attended on a Saturday morning to meet the customer and then went to work. Nice safe, hopefully it will be re-purposed as it was in good working order. If you have an older safe and require it opening the more information you can give me the better, a decent photo of the front of the safe, the makers plate, size and the actual problem will enable me to give a more accurate quote.

Chubb commerce eurosafe

chubb eurosafe











Here is a very high quality Chubb commerce eurosafe. A problem had developed where the key had become totally jammed into the lock. I have opened one of these before and took lots of photos and detailed measurements however, on the day I’d mislaid them – my files are much more upto date now!

This job took 2 visits, the first visit I got a good idea of the problem and figure out what I needed to do the job. I got some great info from Jon, a very accomplished safe engineer based in the west country although he covers the whole country. A good nights sleep, tools all sorted I got the safe open, without damage in about 45 minutes the next morning.

The lock was damaged by the key so it was replaced for a more modern lock. Another great learning experience

Dudley classic 2











Here is a Dudley classic 2 safe. The electronic lock had failed and Martin from Safeventures had been out to open it. He does a fair bit of traveling so I went back and installed a new lock for the customer. If you have an electronic lock and its playing up first of all check and change the batteries. Use only good quality batteries, the cost of a decent battery compared to a locksmith or safe engineer coming out to open your safe – normally with a new battery is considerably less!

If that fails call a safe engineer to diagnose and possibly replace your lock, keypads fail, cables wear and locks fail too

Gun safe












Here is another Gun safe, Dacle products seem to be fairly common in and around Horsham, the company is from Crowborough. The locks on these things can be fairly tricky to open so it can take some time. On my next opening I plan on taking a few more modern locks with me to see what fits in the existing locks place as they were discontinued a long time ago. New locks to BS:3621 2004 should hopefully be more reliable and easier for the customer to get new keys in the future.

If you have a Dacle products gun safe and your down to your last key give me a call.

Dudley europa grade 2 opening











Let the update begin!

This is a Dudley europa  grade 2 fitted with combination and double bitted keylock. Premises (which were at least 2 hours from base) had been taken over by another company and they wanted to use the safe. The working space was fairly cramped as stock was arriving every few minutes, keeping an eye on some of my expensive tools became a bit of a priority!

I opened the safe, re-coded the combination lock and installed a new keylock.


I’m still here!











I’m still here! – Just!

I’ve not had chance to update the website for some time now it is on my list of things to do this week though, although it will probably be this weekend. I have been very busy opening safes, locks and even had a post box to open and make keys for.

I’ve had some really good successes over the past few weeks, a couple of ‘stumpers’ thrown into the mix too.

Added some equipment to the ever growing kit list and put quite a few miles and lots of hours into the business. Still putting plenty of time in picking open locks and gathering information.

I’ll be updating with all the openings, some info on tools i’ve recently purchased and business information very soon,

Thanks for reading and the continued support