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Mark IV manifoil lock











Here is the dial from the infamous Chubb mark IV manifoil lock. It is the lock that is fitted to many a high security container used by Police, Government and Military agencies. These are 4 wheel combination locks that are fully protected against all forms of covert attack. I have had to work on a couple of these recently that have been difficult to open. The mechanism is complex and requires specialist tools to take apart. At the first sign of one of these locks failing call a safe engineer out to have a look as they are very difficult to open when working let alone faulty!

Epic ventura safe











I got called to open this Epic ventura safe. It had been locked shut for a few years and no one knew the code. This is a pretty sturdy little safe and it was fitted in a fairly awkward place. I got the safe open and replaced the lock leaving the customer with a fully working safe. If you have a safe that is locked up a photo of the front really is helpful for me to give you an accurate quote of whats involved. Either email me or text a photo to 07565 582856 and I’ll call you back.

C H Griffiths safe











Here is a old antique safe made by C H Griffiths of Cannon street London. The owner had lost the keys and wanted the safe open without damage. I opened one of these safes earlier in the year and suspected that the lock was not prone to picking so went armed with lots of options. Fortunately the safe didn’t have the Aubins patented guardian lock fitted which was designed to defeat picking attempts. A quick look in with a scope enabled me to work out the best form of attack.

The safe was opened and I left site and serviced the lock and cut new keys. The lock was the original one fitted to the safe and was badly worn. It required a fair bit of attention to make it work. Hopefully for another 100 years!

I love working on these types of safes as you can never really be sure of what will be inside.

If you have an antique safe thats tricky to open or lost keys give me a call.


Dudley windsor












I got called to this Dudley windsor safe in Kent as the code had stoped working. Its a pretty high security safe with decent features designed to keep people out. This safe had been opened before by another engineer. Not quite sure why they did what they did but it assisted me in opening this.

One thing of note with this safe again was  the choice of batteries. They were the cheapest batteries you could get, these locks just do not work well with inferior power supplies. Ensure you use the proper batteries (name brands – decent quality) or else you may have a costly bill of a locksmith or safe engineer.

SMP Economy safe











SMP Economy fitted with a Lagard 3 wheel combination lock. The code was lost and the safe needed to be removed from a flat. The safe had not been bolted down so the removal was a fairly straightforward job. The safe returned to my workshop and I set to work manipulating the combination. Without the stress of noise or anyone asking questions about what I was doing it was a fairly simple job. The lock gave great feedback and I had followed some detailed instructions from an American safe engineer of how to set this lock up prior to manipulation.  Mark has won the SAVTA manipulation contest and is an expert manipulator of safes and also a really nice guy.  This safe now resides in my workshop, another secure place to keep my tools!

SMP Community 3











Had to travel north of the M25 for this one. I went to help a great friend open this SMP Community 3 that was in a shop being taken over by new tenants. The customers had the key so it was just  a matter of decoding the combination.

This SMP safe is a high security Euro grade 3 safe, that means it contains some pretty devious mechanisms and protection to thwart an attack. This is fantastic for the owner of such a safe but a bit of a headache for a safecracker! Still, with detailed information that has taken years to compile even these types of safes don’t cause panic. Careful measurement and precise drilling causes minimum damage to the safe and leaves it in full working order once repaired. A good result, clean opening and the customer was very happy.

dudley safe












This Dudley safe was locked up, code was entered correctly and a ‘double beep’ issued from the keypad meaning that the code was accepted. Problem was with the lock, it was not responding to the correct code input and the battery was good.

I quickly identified the problem and began work on this safe. Within a short space of time the safe was open, fault correctly identified. I installed a new lock into the safe and began setting it up for the customer. This lagard is a 66e, it is a good electronic lock for places where multiple people have access to the safe. It allows different users to have their own code. The audit trail is available for viewing if required (this requires a visit from a safe engineer to download as it requires specialist equipment)

They are very easy to set up and all the instructions are available on line if required: KABA LAGARD INSTRUCTIONS

Always remember to use the correct batteries and make sure that they are of a high quality as it can prevent a costly lock out!


Chubb Trident

chubb trident










Got called to Surrey to a Chubb Trident in a commercial premises. The customer could not lock the safe, the key was jammed and the bolts, handle and mechanism were all jammed too. After a short inspection of the safe I was able to identify the fault and quickly remedied it. This safe contains a very complicated mechanism so when faults occur the repair or opening can be from very simple five minutes upto a massive labour intensive job. If you have a large chubb safe with a tri spoked handle or anything that looks similar don’t wait for it to fail. Get the safe looked over if it starts to develop any strange noises or any grinding of the key or handle.

Chubb leamington

chubb leamington










Had the pleasure to meet up with an old friend recently who had a problem, Safe in his new house, locked up and no keys. This is a Chubb leamington, a pretty decent home safe sturdy and large enough for most peoples valuables. The lock was in really good condition for the age of the safe which made opening it much easier. The handle has snapped so I’m on the hunt for another one and plan to go back very soon to get the safe back to working order. Thanks for the call, nice bit of practice!

chubb milner firesafe

chubb milner firesafe











I got called to open this small firesafe in an emergency where the customer had lots of paperwork needed for the daily running of the business. The combination had been lost a long time ago and the dial had been accidentally knocked, locking the safe up.

There had been a previous attempt at drilling this safe which looked like it had failed or the person drilling the hole had given up.

This is a safe I would not normally use a drill on, I would manipulate the combination and pick the lock.

I opened the safe fairly quickly and repaired the safe back to working order.