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SLS Cashguard

sls cashguard safe blog-22










Here’s a SLS Cashguard fitted with a lagard 66e electronic lock. Staff could not open the safe although the code was working fine and the keypad was rotating.

Now these are tough safes, according to my files it is a Euro grade 3 safe which has a cash limit of £35,000 pounds. SLS were renown in the industry for making fantastically strong safes.

This took a few drill bits to open and a fair amount of time. My first plan didn’t work so I had to try another method. Fortunately this worked, it took ages to get the handle to fully turn.

A component inside the safe had become loose effectively locking the safe shut from the inside.

Once open I made sure everything was connected properly and repaired the door.

Its a very simple mechanism that activates when the safe is subjected to an attack, effectively each re locking device shuts the safe down another level.


Chatwood safe











Here is the wonderful artwork from inside a Chatwood safe. This safe was difficult to open and close. This safe was pretty old and showing signs of daily use. I removed  the locking mechanism and fully serviced it before attending to the bolt mechanism within the safe door. This was stiff and required attention. After everything was checked, cleaned, lubricated and tightened the safe was tested and worked much better than it had done apparently for a very long time.

If you have an old safe that just might be in need of a service give me a call.

Godrej Euro Grade 3 safe










This is a high security Godrej Euro grade 3 safe that was fitted with an electronic lock. The electronic lock had failed causing a lock out. These safes are tough. They have all modern forms of protection built into them and it was a difficult and time consuming job to open. I had the pleasure of working with an old locksmith friend on this one, Gareth from Locksecure Ltd in Sevenoaks where I started what seems to be a very long time ago!

Careful planning, measuring and ‘fresh air breaks’ were required as the location of the safe was cramped, dark and quite hot. It took quite a few hours to open but we were very cautious as to the entry, taking our time not to cause ourselves more work by activating relockers. The door was removed to enable professional repairs to be carried out and a new lock fitted.

Dreadnought floor safe










Here is a Dreadnought floor safe lid, Dreadnought as a company no longer exists and all the tooling, drawings and parts are now owned by Henry Hamber who continues to make high quality safes. The key had snapped in this safe so it wasn’t too much of a drama to sort out. Using medical grade optical devices I first inspected the lock and located the broken key bit. I managed to retrieve the broken bit which did assist in the opening. First of all I picked the lock open but I could not fully retract the bolt. This is where I assume caused the broken key. The bolt was snagging against the inside of the safe neck so I proceeded to make a copy of the original key by hand. This helped get the lid off the safe. The safe lid was stripped down to its individual components and everything was cleaned and lubricated, new lock installed complete with two keys. If you have a floor safe that the keys are sticking or there are any problems opening it give me a call before you get to ‘lock out’ stage. I can strip down and service all types of floor safes and provide new locks and keys.

Sentry 1330 safe











I had an opportunity to manipulate open a Sentry 1330 safe recently. This is primarily a fire safe with a combination. Sentry are a large American business who supply a host of different safes all over the world. A few months ago I bought a book from the US all about Sentry safes and techniques to open them so I was pleased to see that the information was correct and the safe was opened without damage. The mechanism was fairly stiff as the dial had not been moved in years (hence the lock out) but it responded well and once opened I cleaned and lubricated all the moving parts. If you have a Sentry safe that needs opening give me a call.

Rosengrens RKL 10

No photos on this one but recently been all over the South East re-keying these fascinating locks. Although the bits are expensive if you have lost keys or members of staff have moved on and you want to change the locks then this is a quick and simple job. A site visit may be required to determine the length of keys required. Most keys have detachable stems so its easier to carry the key bits around. I can supply stems and bits if required.

Small unbranded wall safe











Here is a little wall safe that I opened recently. Sometimes I wish I was a little taller, this was a tip toes job! The safe picked open pretty quickly and I was able to replace the lock straight away so the customer could continue to use this little safe.


Dacle products gun safe











Here is another gun safe. Slightly different as it contained two locks that can also be found on the doors of houses. Took a little while to positively identify this one but once I was happy with its identity I formulated a plan.

It was a fiddle but both the locks were open fairly quickly. I had to take the locks from site to produce working keys for the customer to continue to use the safe.

Had never heard of Dacle products until the door was open, nothing on the front to identify this one!

Brattonsound gun safe











Heres a gun safe that nearly got the better of me. Customer had been sadly burgled, thieves had made off with the keys to the gun safe so it needed opening and the locks changing. After a long night previously and a 50 mile ride from London in the morning I got called to assist. It was an extremely hot day and this safe was up in the loft.

Feeling slightly tired from the start I struggled, the pick broke, I had to leave site to repair it and nothing was going in my favour. Fortunately the customer was kind enough to allow me to return, fresh the next morning. After a great nights sleep I returned and picked open the lock. I believe the lock contained a large quantity of grease holding components together hindering the picking process. Still, it opened and I replaced the lock, no damage to the safe and the customer now had two new keys.

Practice does pay off,  think the lack of sleep was a big factor in this close one!