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APL1212 Safe opened











Here is a sturdy little cash / security safe that had a fault where the customer could no longer get the key into the lock to open it. After a quick peek with a torch I had identified the fault which was quickly remedied. I got the safe opened and the lock was tested. If you’ve got a safe with one key or worn keys I can make new keys to the lock or replace the lock and supply new keys. In most cases when I replace a lock I will also service the safe checking the relockers, nuts, bolts and other components. Time spent checking when the door is open can save lots of time if something fails down the line.

Brattonsound gun cabinet












Here is a Brattonsound gun cabinet that was locked shut, the owner sadly deceased and no one knew where the keys had been stored. This job was just to open the cabinet so the contents could be transferred to another owner. These cabinets are well made and contain two locks, each keyed differently. Fortunately this one did not give too much of a fight and neither lock was key retaining so I could use the same tool to open both locks. The locks for these cabinets are readily available so if you have a Brattonsound gun cabinet or safe with no keys, worn keys or the keys have been compromised I can attend your premises and install new locks very easily. Please call or email for details.

AL-KO safe opened










Here is a AL-KO safe, it was a new one on me. It contained a double bitted lever lock which had become problematic. One key had totally broken and  the second key had been broken enough to stop it from working. This had rendered the safe locked shut. Quickly able to identify the fault I used tools to assist with the broken key. Once open  I stripped the lock and boltwork down and took measurements. The lock was old and the keys would have been difficult to source. Fortunately I found a lock that fitted just about perfectly. With some slight adjustment to the boltwork I got the safe back working and the customer got two new keys.

Chubb Lichfield safe cracked

crawley safes chubb-1










Here is a Chubb Lichfield safe I opened earlier. This is a slightly older Chubb safe fitted with an now obsolete lock. It is installed in a commercial premises in West Sussex. The lighting was poor and I only found my head torch when I was packing my equipment away when I got home.  The process for opening this lock requires specialist tools but they do make opening this type of lock fairly simple. This lock put up a good fight though and there was a casualty. Now sorted ready for the next lock.

The safe was opened non destructively and the levers were replaced so that the customer could use the safe and have piece of mind that the old keys would not work if used.

I think this job has justified getting a better light source as I keep up getting safes in places with no lighting or electricity!

Safe training day








Safe training day

Lee Brooks of Brooks and Daughters Locksmiths and I spent the afternoon picking and recording technical data on tons of safes. Great practice to have no pressure but picking live locks on live safes.

I’ve spent years collecting and recording information that helps when attending a locked out or faulty safe, days like this are priceless to any safe technician as a majority of safes are no longer produced and information about them is limited.

I hope that we can make this a more regular event as no time training is wasted and it was like being in a sweet shop with too many choices. Had a fantastic day.

Thank you to Roger and Nick of Municipal Security for allowing us to ‘play’.