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Brattonsound gun safe

No photos of this one but worthy of a post.

The Brattonsound gun safe contains two locks, both 7 lever key retaining on different keys. Some of these locks respond very well to picking but some are a pain. These ones were somewhere in the middle but gave good feedback and opened in a fairly short space of time.

Once opened I replaced the locks for the customer and dismounted the safe as he was moving house the next day.

If you have a gunsafe and need keys, new locks due to key loss or compromise or have lost your keys give me a call and I will be able to help you out.

Trustee electronic safe opened








Here is a Trustee electronic safe opened today, lost code and no power. Using a special tool I managed to get the safe open without damage which is fairly rare in the case in electronic locks as when they do fail or the code is lost in many cases the lock would have to be opened using destructive methods. Very happy this opened the way it did as I had no information about the internals of this safe. Happy to say I do now!

Shortly after opening this safe I popped out to open another home safe. This took longer than expected but finally opened non destructively and showed the customer how to reset the code.  No photos of this one sadly, but another open safe!

Dudley Europa grade 2 opened































Here is a Dudley Europa grade 2 opened with a bespoke lock decoding tool. The safe was at the back of a store cupboard with no lighting so armed with a head torch I went to work. I initially tried picking it but had some problems with a couple of levers so got out the decoder as I needed to do this one quickly. Once I had identified t he code my initial suspicions about the problem levers were confirmed. I opened the safe without damage and I installed a new lock with two keys for the customer so the safe could be used straight away. If you have a Dudley safe with lost keys or require new keys or locks fitting give me a call or contact  via the website

Chubb Commerce eurosafe


















Here is a shot of a Chubb Commerce eurosafe. This safe had arrived without keys and needed opening non destructively. A great experience and learning curve as I have been unable to get a lock for the safe and never been able to practice opening one in the comfort of my workshop.

It took a while longer than expected but I’m sure with what I got out of this job will help on the next one.

Hopefully get another one soon to test out my new found theories and skills!


Chubb Lichfield safe



Opened this Chubb Lichfield safe this weekend. The code had been lost a long time ago and the safe had not been opened for many years. After about three hours of manipulation, gaining no information regardless of what I tried I resorted to drilling a small hole into the safe to decode the lock visually. Quickly afterwards the safe was open. I repaired it and replaced the lock putting the safe back into working order.

Chubb 282 data cabinet


Friday saw me over in West Kent with this Chubb 282 data cabinet. It had locked shut full of expensive back up data. The door was opening a fair bit so I initially thought that the door had dropped it was only after a while trying many methods to get more movement into the door that I found the cause. A fault inside the door had locked it solid which required invasive drilling to rectify. It ended up a bit of a battle but I stuck with my plan and I got the door open and the safe was put back into service after a good inspection of the internal components and repair of the holes needed to get it open. If you have a chubb safe that needs opening or servicing please give me a call or contact via the website

Dudley europa grade 3












Very happy with this opening. Traveled up to London to do this one on the train as it had been a heavy weekend at the annual locksmith show in Nottingham and couldn’t face the drive. So I packed up everything I thought I might need on this safe. The Dudley europa grade 3 was locked with a lagard comboguard locked up without a code. I managed to stow 4 stones of kit into a rucksack which started to bring back memories from a long time ago!

I arrived to find friendly staff who escorted me to the safe, supplied me with tea and left me to get on with it.

I used a technique on this safe that I am really trying to perfect, I have about 70 % of the tool working it just needs a little bit more to make it work reliably and more importantly work repeatedly for other engineers.

I directly electrically energized the lock which causes it to think that the code has been correctly inserted. Sounds simple, it isn’t. It takes alot of patience to get to this point. I was really close to opening it and the secondary prototype tool just gave up on me.

Referring to information I have in my database I selected a suitable point to drill the safe open, avoiding all the protection and anti drill measures so I could directly manipulate the lock through the hole and at the same time send in an electric charge – tricky when your on your own! I use a magnetic audio amplifier to listen to the tell tale sounds coming from within the lock case to tell me when its ‘open’

After a quick call I continued with my plan and literally 2 minutes later the handle turned.

Customer very happy and recovered the contents.

Glad to drop that bag off when I got home!


Chubb secureline












This was a pretty straightforward pick open. The Chubb secureline is a range of affordable safes for home use. Some are key locking but there are also lots of electronic ones out there. This was opened, non destructively by using a dedicated 2 in 1 pick by Safe Ventures for the stuv range of locks. The lock inside looks pretty much identical to a stuv but it picks much easier. It has a standard footprint so any modern lock can be fitted in its place. If you have a chubb secureline safe and you’ve lost your keys or want the locks changing please give me a call