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Archive for February 2013

Securikey Premier safe cracked








Here is a Securikey premier size 0 safe. Lost keys. I installed many of these safes whilst working as a locksmith as they were small and pretty tough, certainly good for a small home safe. They have been fitted with a variety of safe locks including lowe and fletcher 3007, willenhall CT12 and the mauer 71111 president. This one was fitted with a president. Now I’m getting fairly good at picking these locks in the vertical up and down orientation but the horizontal orientation still is tricky and takes longer to get everything lining up. I used my Safe Ventures president decoder on this and it was open, first code in about 5 minutes. Didn’t have much joy with this tool to start with but it seems I’ve now cracked it and I’m relying on touch more than audio devices I was using before to obtain a code. Very happy every time I get a lock open first time, well, very happy every time I get a safe open! If you have a Securikey safe and you’ve lost your keys please give me a call, I’ll be happy to help!

Dudley Harlech safe picked open









Caught a nice shadow falling on the door of this Dudley Harlech safe so thought I’d get a nice photo. The safe contains a CT12 7 lever lock which was very stiff. The lock needed some lubricant to get the levers moving as initially I was getting nowhere with the pick. Once it had some lubricant the levers started to respond as usual and the lock was open within a few minutes. The Harlech has a cash rating of £3000 and the safe contains a live relocker to lock the safe up in the case of a forced attack. The star logo is pretty unique to Dudley safes so if you have a safe with no other identification this logo will really help a safe engineer identify what your safe is.

Ingersoll padlock picking – lock pick training

ingersoll padlock picked







Not a safe lock but a worthy opponent. Keeping my hand in at picking domestic locks is proving to be  quite difficult but I’m still finding time to practice my lockpicking. The lock above is a high security 10 lever Ingersoll padlock. These locks are formidable. Many locksmiths cannot pick these and normally have to cause a fair bit of damage to get these things removed. I have found with heavy duty Peterson tension tools and picks I am able to open these locks. Not record breaking times but I’m getting them open.

It is quite refreshing spending time going back and opening, re examining padlocks, cylinders and mortice locks. Keeps you on top of your skills which really fade quickly in this trade. Lock pick training is a service I can provide on many common and high security locking mechanisms. Available to bonafide locksmiths and people in jobs that require non destructive entry capabilities.