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Christmas safecracker

safecracker-1Happy Christmas!

Got this fantastic little present today. A mini ‘Christmas safecracker’. The safe actually locks on the combination dials.

Hope everyone reading had a great Christmas day and wish you all a prosperous 2013

Peake sapphire fireguard 3S safe

blogimagestuesday-1This Peake safe was locked open. A careful customer thought that there was a problem with the lock and before disaster struck removed the contents and locked it in the open position. The safe is fitted with a Lagard 33e comboguard. There have been a few reported problems with these over the years but on the whole there a very good reliable lock. Code input gave the correct sounds but I could not hear the solenoid activate. Batteries or fault on the pad or wire possibly. I stripped the lock down and tested each component with a specially adapted keypad and electrical testing equipment. I stripped the lock down into components and tested each one. Once the lock was accepting the users code I reinstalled it into the safe and tested several times just in case! Thank you very much for the tea and biscuits!

Chubb wall safe

blogimagestuesday-1Had the pleasure of working on a nice old Chubb wall safe today. Fitted with a 6k87 lock. Love the quality and attention to detail of these older safes, although the door was small it still weighed a fair bit. Opened non destructively and now fully operational.

Cawi safe lock picking

safe lock pickingWhat do you do with your Saturday nights?? here I am projecting another lock. A high security lock made by a company called Cawi. Cawi is short for Carl Wittkopp and they are based in Germany. Every lever contains anti pick notches but rather than hinder they actually help you out when your trying to open the lock. Not enough hours in the day for practice and I’ve got a box full of locks that need photographing, measuring and picking. I do enjoy the highs and lows of safe lock picking. The mount is a specially made safe lock mount designed and produced by Safe Ventures,it simulates picking a lock in a safe as you can adjust the front plate (not shown here) to any depth. This gives you a much more realistic picking experience and it helps to keep your picks straight. I’ve made a plastic board to fit onto the lock picking mount to assist with plotting levers as I would usually use a wipe clean magnetic sheet of paper to record my indications on a real safe. Every lock has its own readings and these have to be recorded carefully – the time spent training is never wasted as its too late to train when your on a real safe for a customer. The problems are that there are a vast number of locks out there and it takes some time to master just the one lock, still, even when you think you have mastered a lock one will appear that will stop you in your tracks. This was the case with the Cawi lock. Fortunately the lock that was causing problems had been forced making it probably impossible to pick open with a lock picking tool. The lock was eventually opened with a key cut to code and some ‘gentle agitation’ of the safes door.

Have a good weekend!

Chubb deposit safe cracked

chubb deposit safeHad a great day today opening this big Chubb Sovereign Deposit Size 3, looking at a website I think this may be a grade 4 – that equates to a cash rating of upto £60,000. I stand to be corrected but I’ll be chuffed if I’m right. The safe was fitted with two locks, a Lagard combo gard lock and a Chubb 6K207 Lips lock. Had to do an emergency trip to assist with the lips lock (thank you Sue!) but the Strongarm mini rig worked a treat. Safe is being disposed of so I removed the relocking devices just to make sure that it wont suddenly lock up in transit.

Mauer Variator 70076

Mauer variatorMauer Variator 70076 b VdS Class 2/EN 1300 11 lever lock. This will be a interesting learning curve in plotting levers and using the new pick. This is a high security lock that has the useful feature that you can change the configuration of the levers making new keys work in it without having to strip the whole thing down. These are being fitted in place of the president lock in some places.

C.H.Griffiths & Co safe opened

nettlefolds a1 guardianCompleted a job for a safe totally jammed up. Key broken off in lock. Fantastic old C.H.Griffiths & Co safe. Managed to diagnose fault and get door open. Safe was falling to bits inside, screws had fallen to the bottom of the pan. Safe and lock serviced, the lock was in fantastic condition for its age! Now works fine.

Stratford document safe

stratford document safeA Stratford document safe in a tight cupboard, locked up, no keys. It contains a 7 lever lock which can sometimes be a pain. Lock reacted well but I kept over lifting one lever so ran pick through a few times to free up levers in case there was any dirt or grease binding the levers. A couple of minutes later the lock opened. Replaced the levers for another set with keys. Nice older safe, mainly used for fire protection

Unknown 3 wheel combination safe cracked

3 wheel combination Picked up this little safe to open it for a mate. No key or combination. Picking was slightly tricky as its a cruciform type lock, four sets of pins. They are cheap but difficult to get tension on. Anyway, picked this lock so I could apply tension to the wheel pack. I got some fantastic readings with my home brew set up. Went with the best readings and the lock popped open. Very happy with this, first real success with direct drive manipulation. I’ve now impressioned keys for the lock so its gone from being useless to a working safe. Not fantastic quality and probably not worth the time spent on it but a good little project none the less and a learning experience.

Dudley Grade 0 safe update

dudley grade 0Just updating this recent opening. I reset the LaGard electronic lock back to its factory settings and re-installed the lock. Made sure the re-lockers were OK and tested several times before locking up. Nice heavy duty small home safe back in action.