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SAVTA Membership

savtalogosSAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians Association) have issued a warning about tradesmen using the logo without authorisation, being a member of SAVTA or even being a safe engineer. All companies and individuals who are members of SAVTA have been issued a number.

My number is SR1391140. This number should be displayed below the logo. It is a moment of transition so many members have not yet added this to their websites or stationary.

It is important to call the right person for a job. Many companies who offer a safe opening and repair service cannot actually do the job and call on another engineer, this of course adds money to the final bill. Some will try to open safes and make the situation more complicated by

setting off relockers, snapping drill bits in doors and locks,  this again, increases the cost to the end user.

There are a number of reputable safe engineers / technicians in this country and most know each other well or know of each other, certainly we all pass work to each other if the need arises.

Although not a full guarantee of professionalism look for engineers with accreditation, membership of the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) SAVTA, Checkatrade etc will give a good guide to the person your employing.

Remember, the more information you can give the better chance of an accurate quote prior to any works being carried out, photos, measurements brand names all help to quote for a job.